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Quality Testing In AGCC Laboratory

In our Laboratory every coil is rigorously tested to meet Australian Standards AS2728

 "A Quality Process ensures a Quality Product"

Daily testing will be carried out on each coil produced by AGCC.

These tests include:
  • T Bend Test
  • Impact Test
  • Mek Double Rub Test, DJH Automated Lab Equipment
  • Pencil Hardness Test
  • Light Cabinet Visual Test
  • Gloss Metre Test
  • Film Build Test, DJH Film Build Measuring System
  • Laminate Plastic Removal Test
  • Paint Matching to Standard - using the state of the art Spectrophotometre I Colour 7000
All Coil Samples will be catalogued and archived for 7 years for quick traceability when required.

Mettler Toledo coil scales up to 10 tonnes capacity have been installed at each end of the line to assist in tracking accurate yields form individual coils.

AGCC can also supply to our customer’s full service centre facilities.

Slitting up to 10T coils 1260mm wide and .90mm thickness shearing to 3600 long 1220 wide coils up to 1.00mm thickness.

Transport Service pick up and deliver where required metro area. Interstate can be arranged.


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